Transportation Of The Future - Introducing The Zero Helicopter

This  design concept for a one man, single seat helicopter could easily be the transportation of the future. It is the brains of designer Hector del Amo, a creation he has entitled “Zero”

I’m sure I’ve seen something similar in some sci-fi movie, could it be that futuristic air travel is taking form? Remember, not so long ago there was no internet or cell phones in existence.

Who knows, add to this cool design some technology, and there could be the makings of a new form of convenience travel.

This proto type doesn’t look especially comfortable, and I also have some safety issues, but then that’s only when you think of the scary heights that a conventional helicopter can reach. I definitely think it has the potential to be an asset in the real world.

Consider this… How cool would it be as a low flying craft? I would feel dizzy and nauseous travelling the airways in this little contraption, but it would be fun to fly over cars and lorries, and traffic jams. Just give me some sort of bubble to protect me from the elements, and comfier seating and I think you could be on to something!

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