Stunning Night Time Scenes Where No Man Dares To Go

These night time photography pictures were taken from photographer Kevin Cooley’s collection featured at the Kopeikin Gallery in Los Angeles. The works are entitled “Take Refuge.”

Kevin’s images capture the beauty of sunset, and night time. A time when we are all thinking of settling down and taking refuge somewhere safe. These pictures contrast beautifully the warm lights from an urban city, the warm glow from a residential window, to the cold, dark, and frightening outdoors. It captures the moments when  the hot sun is departing from mother nature, leaving her cold, barren, and unprotected.

They make us value and appreciate the security of a place of refuge, whatever, and wherever that may be, whether it is a comfortable home in an urban city, a cave carved out in the lonely mountains, or perhaps a shelter from the rain under a tree, or a rock mass.

Kevin’s work even took him and his entourage as far away as the arctic. A no mans land, where few would dare to go, he says “Part of the reason I was drawn to the Arctic is because it’s sort of the end of the earth—an uninhabited place. It’s places like that where you’re directly confronted with this epic idea of nature.”

Is there really somewhere that you can take refuge wherever you are in the world? Even at the end of the earth? These pictures are certainly confrontational. The bring us face to face with mother nature herself. They force us to realise that whether man or beast, we are all one and together, sharing the same place of refuge, that is called our planet earth.

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