Junk Food Advertising - Are you being ripped off ?

Have you ever been tempted by those mouth watering adverts for junk food? The biggest players in junk food advertising, McDonalds and Burger King etc have for years been getting away with misleading junk food advertising.

Image advertising has a very powerful effect on our emotions, and when we are under the spell of what we see, our sensible brains are tricked and overwhelmed by what we feel inside.

When we see that delicious whopper, stuffed with all the trimmings we feel excited and hungry for those amazing taste sensations. But are you really getting as much of those taste sensations as you think you are getting? And are those taste sensations really as tasty as you are led to believe, or are you being tricked?

My own personal opinion is that the McDonalds Big Mac is pretty tasty, but have you ever been left feeling a little less than satisfied after eating one?

Junk food has had a terrible press, and studies have proven that eating junk food on a regular basis has a detrimental effect on our health. It is largely being blamed for the obesity in our society, both in adults and in children. The high salt content in junk food causes high blood pressure, that ultimately leads to heart disease. As a result people are developing diabetes at a young age, never heard of prior to the junk food era.

Yet these junk food establishments are not closing down! On the contrary they are continuing to flourish at an unprecedented rate. Why is this you might ask? Well it’s simple really.

It all comes down to misleading junk food advertising. Displaying powerful images in front of your eyes, that control the way you feel. Not only can these images deceive you into thinking you are getting a bigger portion than you are really going to get, they can also trick you into thinking it is healthier.

Has this ever happened to you? Or do you think you are immune to the trickery of junk food advertisers? Now junk food advertisers have been exposed by photographer Dario D.

He has personally purchased from fast food outlets, and photographed what you are actually going to receive, and compared it to what is being advertised by these company’s. These are professional pictures using similar lighting and backing to give you a fair and honest account.

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