Pictures of Fire - Stunning Fire Photography Artist

Believe it or not, these stunning pictures of fire were not taken by a professional photographer, but rather a young twenty three year old French student.

Tom Lacoste works as a juggling artist in the circus and has only recently taken up photography as a sideline. These action packed moving photography shots are a testimony of his amazing talent.

If you’re a budding young photographer, hoping to find career in photography, but stuck for ideas on which niche to get into, these pictures will surely inspire your imagination.

It’s incredible to think that these highly professional looking shots were taken with a cheap camera and minimal outlay.

In an interview he is quoted as saying, “Fire is my main subject, and it was my first love in photography, because at the beginning, what you see on the screen is nothing you could imagine at the moment when you’re taking the picture.”

You can easily see from his works that he has a real passionate love for fire, and photography is a beautiful medium for him to share his passion with the world. What he captures with his camera are scenes that could never have been imagined even if you had been there as a witness, and watched them live yourself.

If your impressed by these amazing pictures of fire, then you’ll surely be bowled over by what he goes on to reveal about himself next. He says, “besides, I’m colour-blind, and the natural colours of fire are easier to see for me than other hues of the spectrum.”

Being colour-blind is surely a tremendous handicap for any aspiring artist or photographer, but I’m sure you’ll agree these pictures do wonders with the natural colours of fire.

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