Match Art Man takes 16 Years And 6 Million Matches

A match art reconstruction of the Rila Monastery, the biggest, and most influential Eastern Orthodox temple in Bulgaria has taken local artist Plamen Ignatov sixteen years using 6 million matches to create.

The landmark temple goes way back to the tenth century, having played an important role to the people down through the ages, it is situated in the Rila mountain which also happens to be the highest mountain in the Balkan Peninsula.

The monastery remains to this day such a huge reflection of the local peoples identity that Ignatov has dedicated a whole sixteen years of his life to produce a match art recreation.

The smaller recreation of the Rila monastery is located, and on display in nearby Sofia which is the capital of Bulgaria. Housed in the Archaeological Museum it is made up entirely of wood material, six million matches, and decorated beautifully with gems.

What value can you put on a work of art that takes so long to produce? Not only is it a beautiful showpiece, but looking at these pictures you can see that it has been built with perfect precision. With so much detail it’s difficult for us to absorb sixteen years of what must have been a lot of patience and hard work.

His determination and commitment have certainly paid off though, as this is now a massive tourist attraction for Bulgaria, it’s also registered by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

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