Disturbing Pictures by Paul Ripke: Parent Children Head Swap

Disturbing Head Swap Pictures

Professional photographer Paul Ripke together with art director Florians Chmucker have created these rather disturbing pictures of parents and children in a bizarre role reversal.

Using skilled photo manipulation, he has swapped the heads of the parents with their children, creating very realistic, disturbing, yet intriguing pictures of large young children posing very proudly with their tiny infant sized parents.

These pictures are disturbing when you think of the possibility of real parent responsibility being handed over to their youthful counterparts, but they also give you food for thought. Could this be a fore gleam into the future that every new born child faces?

Children are not children for long. They grow up so fast, and then all of them are faced with a disturbing prospect. That of one day being responsible for the care of their aging parents!

Perhaps it is disturbing to think that the course of real life is not so different to what is being depicted here in these pictures.

The poses and expressions captured in these wonderful shots are very inspirational, and imaginative.


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