Chanel Models Glamorous Water Work Out

Glamorous Chanel Models

These really are dramatic pictures of Chanel models taken by Karl Lagerfeld. These sensational shots are part of Chanel’s spring campaign for 2012.

Super fit models Saskia de Brauw and Joan Smalls look as if they are in command of the ocean. With their confident, and striking poses they almost look as if they can walk on water.

The Chanel fashion models glamorous water work out took place in the sunny climes of France nearby the beautiful Hôtel du Cap Eden Roc, yet they remain as cool as ice throughout.

I love the effect Lagerfeld has created by combining glamorous, high end city fashion modelling, with all it’s ludicrously expensive Chanel pearls, and accessories, with the bare naked open sea.

Look what he’s done, he has taken a hot and sweaty gymnasium, a couple of beautiful models plucked from the city, and set  them against the glistening backdrop of a mighty ocean. With his black and white theme, the Chanel creative director has  brought them all together in a spectacular fashion.


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