World Leaders Folded In Close The World Money

World Leaders Head To Head

I have never seen art work quite like this before. These remarkable pictures of money look like very simple designs, yet what a brilliant idea.

These amazing pictures of banknotes are from a collection entitled Close The World, where a tremendous amount of thought has gone into folding each piece of paper money in a way that not only produces incredible individual origami works of art with money, but the pictures all carry the same theme.

Amazingly, the artist has kept each piece of paper money in it’s original form, and without cutting or tampering with it other than use careful origami folding techniques, has managed to create individual masterpieces, representing not only the currencies of the world, but also displaying the faces of world leaders wearing the headpiece of their local culture.

These pictures made with money are also very thought provoking. In today’s world the end is closing in on the use of physical money. With the advent of technology, less and less people are using paper money to make purchases, instead relying more, and more on the digital transactions.

Soon it would appear, images of cash in hand will be a thing of the past, provoking artistic collections of pictures such as these.

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