Predatory Animals - Pictures of Animals Fighting

Flying Chicken Looking For a Safe Place to Land

Siberian tigers salivating as a tasty chicken nugget appears from nowhere. These predatory animals, and powerful hunters, capable of travelling many miles, and through the night to hunt down, and stealthily attack the likes of elk and wild boar. They are delighted to welcome this wayward chicken liken.

This beautiful picture was taken at the Siberian tiger park in Harben, China, and this chicken is not here by it’s own choice! Visitors at the attraction can buy birds for 50 yuan or £4.50 and send them mercilessly to the tigers. They can also buy pieces of flesh to feed them. But most incredible of all, animal lovers do not read this… Live baby calf’s are available for sale, should you wish to throw them to the tigers.

Talented Seal Plays Chicken With a Great White Shark

This is incredible live action from Seal Island, in Cape Town, South Africa. A clever seal saved it’s self from the very mouth of an eleven foot long, great white shark! Look closely, and see the stunning action. Can you see how it uses it’s flipper to launch it’s self away from the predatory sharks jaws? If you had seen it live, and blinked, you would have missed it. What an amazing photo shot by Chris Fallows.

Predatory Pelican allows little bird One Last Look at The World

This incident took place at a pond in St James park in London. Adults and children were traumatised as they helplessly watched this pigeon thrash and fight for it’s life inside the jaws of a pelican, and now you can see the little birds final moment when it finally gave up, and took one last look at the world, before being swallowed whole.

Predatory Bald Eagle - It’s Behind You!

With long sighted vision, and a dive speed of between 120 and 160 kilometres per hour, this little starling had no chance. It remains totally oblivious that a massive predatory bald eagle has swooped down from nowhere.

Mother and Baby Attacked by a Killer Crocodile

Caught by the scruff of the neck


A gopher winces in horror, look at the expression on it’s face, as the predatory heron stares menacingly at it.

The American Bull Frog - The Ugliest Predator in The World

If you ever come across one of these evil looking amphibian predators, steer well clear. They have an angry temper, and can jump a whopping 3.5 metres!


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