3d Street Painting - Amazing 3d street painting illusions

Beautiful pictures of 3d street paintings

Realistic 3d Street Painting

Eduardo Relero is a forty eight year old 3d street painting artist Born in Argentina. His amazing 3d street paintings have caused wonderment all around the world. He began his career in this very unusual niche in the painting industry on the pavements in Rome, way back in 1990, turning dull and boring pavements into beautiful 3d street paintings.

Since then his 3d street painting has come forward leaps and bounds, and pavements all over the world are being brought to life.

Have a look at these beautiful pictures, and see just how realistic they are. It’s just totally mind boggling to think that an ordinary street no one would think to look twice at, can be transformed into such an awe inspiring street painting.

In the pictures you can see how it could be very dificult not to find yourself thrown into confusion with these amazing 3d painting illusions. He cleverly integrates his 3d street paintings with things in the real world to give an even greater effect.

Can you imagine this happening where you live? It’s very surreal, especially when these pictures integrate real humans with fictional 3d street paintings. The fictional characters just seem to come to life. It’s almost like alien life from another galaxy being transported here to earth. It’s slightly creepy and unsettling, but at the same time makes you want to walk down those steps and explore their world.

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