Unusual Photography - People and Their Fish Twins

Ted Sabarese is a widely acclaimed graphic designer, fiction writer, and an amazing photographer. These unusual photography pictures demonstrate his hilarious sense of humour, while at the same time revealing a talent seldom seen in the photography world.

Ted’s beautiful photography pictures specialise in people, all types of people. You can see his works exhibitions in galleries, both in the United States and abroad, were he has won wide critical acclaim for his abilities. Not content working with professional actors and models, he much prefers working with people that don’t fit with the stereotypical beauty we have all become accustomed to in the fashion world.

Look closely at the unusual beauty he has created in the following pictures, were he has attempted to spark a controversial, and furious debate over evolution, and creation.

With ‘People and Their Fish Twins’ Ted has compared the amazing similarities of fish and humans. We have all heard that every one of us has a twin look-a-like somewhere else in the world, but perhaps Ted has gone too far with this.

Did we come from an intelligent designer, or can Ted prove that we originate from fish, and slowly evolved over millions of years to become the highly cultured, and intelligent human beings that we are today? Observe his amazing camera shots, and his attention to detail, and see if he can convince you.

Has Ted convinced you that you’re nothing more a glorified Tuna Fish, or do you want to slap him around the head with a wet fish?

In a Q/A interview with Alison Zafos, Ted has been quoted as saying:

“The sense of humor you see in my work is a pretty close approximation to my own. I’m no ha-ha funny comedian. I’m one of those people who can be quietly amusing, if you’re listening well. I prefer my comedy on the subtle side, whether it’s in photography, film or fiction.”

Well Ted certainly seems to take his sense of humour very seriously!

Here are some more examples of Ted’s humorous, but incredibly beautiful pictures…

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