Eco Art - Eco friendly Art With Computer Parts Recycling

Susan Stockwell is a contemporary artist from the UK. Among other things she specialises in eco art. Her eco friendly art training began in 1993 where she studied at the Royal College of Art, then went on to achieve a BA in fine art at Sheffield Hallum University.

Nowadays she is a widely acclaimed eco friendly artist in her own right, and also teaches eco art in London.

Her latest, and most impressive eco art works “World” has been erected, and can be seen in all it’s glory at the Bedfordshire Universities Campus Centre.

If you’re a lover of impressionist art, then world is the epitome of impressionist eco art. From a distance World looks like a massive map hung up on a wall. But this is no ordinary map. Closer inspection reveals that this eco art is made up entirely of old computer parts recycling!

With the way computers and technology rule our lives in this modern world, it is an excellent and ingenious portrayal of the world we live in, and the way it is headed. A massive landfill of mother boards and microprocessors.

It is a celebration to what science as achieved in this world, but also a testimony to the huge waste that is the inevitable side effect of modern manufacturing technology.

This eco art is undisputable evidence that there is nothing in this world that cannot somehow be recycled. Saving our planet from ruin, and making this world a better place for future generations to live in. Eco friendly art is becoming ever more popular as more and more people realise the benefits of living in an eco friendly world.

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