IR Photography - Amazing Landcape Illusion

IR photography

IR Photography Pics

These beautiful IR photography pictures were shot by worldwide traveller, and professional photographer Maria Netsounski. Based in the Netherlands, she specialises in portrait, landscape, and city photography. She claims to have an “eye for the beauty in our world” and just look at the amazing special effects she has used to create these stunning landscape photography pictures.

She truly has captured something beautiful by using the latest modern IR photography techniques. These pictures were taken in beautiful sunlit, and even tropical locations, yet by using IR photography techniques she has created the illusion of a winter wonderland!

These pictures give us a glimpse of the beauty in our world not normally visible in these locations. Looking at these winter, frost bitten landscape views, it’s difficult to imagine they were taken in the warmth. But when you look closely, you can see that the trees are of a variety only found in tropical countries, and the waters are not frozen over, yet it’s an wonderful illusion. It’s amazing how infrared can completely change our seasons so vividly, and with such reality.

With global warming on the horizon, it makes one wonder what the arctic regions of the world might look like given a similar stark climate change. Our world really is beautiful, when we take the time to notice it.

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