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Looking for ways to make money with picture marketing?

This picture was taken from a blog post that shows a fatal mistake picture marketers make, that hinder their chances of making money.

Picture marketing is a pretty broad term in  itself. So breaking it down then, there are lots of ways pictures can be marketed, and therefore make money for yourself.

In fact the prospects for making money from pictures are becoming more and more feasible as time go’s on. How is that so?

Since the internet is becoming more, and more of a visual place with the advent of picture sharing sites, like Facebook and the likes.

The latest picture marketers paradise is Pinterest, a site almost totally focused on pictures, where you can make money by linking your pictures to your website (assuming that you’ve monetized it first)

You can make money with beautiful pictures, that will attract attention and get shared. You can make money with funny pictures, in fact you can make money with pretty much any picture, as long as you market it effectively.

So how do you do that then?

Well if you’re marketing you’re pictures on any social media, you will draw more attention by having bold headline, or text accompanying the picture.

Many marketers have been very successful in making money with their pictures by getting thousands of likes, and shares on facebook, they  often do this by adding text to a picture that tugs at the heartstrings, or is incredibly funny.

With Pinterest, there is an even greater opportunity, where your pictures will get repined.

But before you go adding some text to market your pictures, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it.

While it’s true that a picture may on it’s own paint a thousand words, adding some text will make the picture more focused on the message you want to get out there.

In other words you can make your pictures more targeted for the customers you want to attract. The power of imagery then strengthens your message, and captivates your audience.

That is the right way to do it. But some people get it all wrong, by using too much text.

Ever heard of literally adding a thousand words to a picture? Check out this blog post.

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