Optical Illusions - Now You Can Look Like A Magazine Cover Girl (And Eat As Much As You Want)

Are you worried about gaining a few pounds over the festive period? Why bother, when you can do the optical illusions magazine cover girl trick?

With the whole world now being as fake as a Versace handbag from China, why not join in on all the fun? Every magazine cover girl is airbrushed on photoshop. None of them are real.

What you see on the cover of any magazine is not what the girl really looks like. If you’re worried about all those photos of you enjoying yourself spreading all over the internet, stop it.

It’s easy to get yourself accustomed to using photoshop, so that you can edit all your photos. Why not download the free version called Gimp? It has easy to follow tutorials and they’re fun too.

If you’re in a hurry, and it’s urgent to edit a particular photo you’re worried about, then Pixlr.com is an online photo editor, that’s been simplified, and is super easy to use.

I find that when I spend all day studying exciting new things with technology, I’m not thinking about food. In fact sometimes I forget to eat altogether! And end up losing a few pounds.

This might happen to you too. In which case you might not need to bother with the magazine cover girl optical illusion after all.

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