Lonely Girl Model Elizabeth Ferrara Twaits in Remi Billard Photos

Beautiful Lonely Girl

The sleeping beauty of olden day fairy tales has been replaced by this sleepless beauty of today. She is a lonely girl as depicted here in these awesome photos by Remi Billard.

Beautiful lonely model Elizabeth Ferrara Twaits expresses perfectly, the reality of a single girl living in our fast paced modern society.

She is the fashionista every young girl wants to be. This girl is not only good looking, she is wealthy, and well connected. She is a socialite, yet she is so lonely!

In these photos, the blonde model makes loneliness look glamorous, but does having lots of money, and living the high life really make a girl happy? 

These are dreamy pictures of a girl taken at various times of the day. The collection is aptly entitled “sleepless.” With so much technology available, she really does not have the time to sleep. 

She is constantly on the internet, shopping, and social networking, downloading the latest app. Bonding with her girlfriends, as she catches up on the latest hot gossip. But as she gazes out of a cold and lonely hotel window, it reflects how she’s really feeling inside…

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