Katie Price Photos: These Photos of Katie Price Are a Joke!

katie price photos
Katie Price and Leandro Penna

Photos of Katie Price With Her Men

Katie Price, the girl women love to hate… I had to laugh when I saw these awful Katie Price photos from yahoo. 

These are photos of Katie with some of the many men she has been acquainted with. I must warn you though, these are not the most flattering photos you will see of Katie Price. In fact I challenge you to find any photos that look more awful than these.

Just look at that photo of Katie Price and her latest man Leandro Penna. Just what does that attractive young man see in her? Is it her personality? Or is it because despite having millions, she modestly uses the cheapest fake tan she can find, making herself look orange and tired, so that her partner by contrast looks even more handsome beside her? True love…

See if you can spot the photos of Katie that have been horrendously air brushed in photoshop. Was it a child that did this, was it a joke? Or have these photos been published with the intention of making a serious point, to emphasise how completely fake Katie Price is?

via: yahoo

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