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This funny young Adelie penguin is not camera shy. Smitten by these handsome photographers, she poses eagerly, as she dreams of fame and fortune.

Chinese Komodo Dragon

This young teenager called Raja, has to be the funniest looking dragon ever. He is in a dilemma though! If he blows out his dragon fire, he might burn his new toy!

Nosey Elephant

She’s a glutton for punishment! A funny female elephant from Berlin is conducting a ‘behind the scenes’ investigation. Those Germans are so meticulous aren’t they?

It’s related to the racoons!

It’s a baby coatis. There is nothing wrong with her lungs, and she is very cute, and cuddly. Wouldn’t it be funny if you could make a cute little coatis teddy bear?

Rhino’s from Kent

A mother and son birthday bash! Mother is expressing her concern over the clearly poor presentation of the cake delivery.

Koala From Duisburg

Mario the zookeeper is making a joke that this cute little Koala bear is seriously obese, and needs to lose some more weight! He takes his sense of humour very seriously.

Adelie Penguin Again

The now famous Adelie penguin realises her dreams, as she attends the Douglas Mawson’s landing hundredth anniversary.

Fat Cat From London

A Downing Street fat cat enjoying the red carpet treatment.

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