Alicia Martin: Books Waterfall illusion By Artist Alicia Martin

Alicia Martin book illusion

Alicia Martin's Illusion

Alicia Martin is a Spanish artist that has a special flair for book art. This impressive installation by Alicia is entitled “Biografias” which in English means biographies.

This beautiful old building is built on the backdrop of a water way, perhaps the inspiration for these real books she has constructed in a way so as to look like a waterfall, flowing out of the building.

Martin is not only an artist, but also an illusionist. The books are held together perfectly, but loosely, allowing them some freedom of movement with the passing breeze, so as to give the illusion of flowing water.

I am impressed with Alicia Martin’s massive waterfall of knowledge from such a characteristic old building. Martin’s waterfall illusion to me, represents the ever increasing flow of knowledge into our world. How we have moved forward from old ideas and technology, to the massive information overload we now have in modern society, assisted largely by the Google.  Alicia has provided a beautiful home for all those outdated old books.

Alicia’s perfect illusion of a mass of books flowing out of the window of an old Spanish window is a great feat in itself, but Alicia hasn’t wasted any books in constructing this visual display. You would never guess looking at it, that the inside of Alicia’s installation is completely hollow.

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