Graffiti Pictures - Mesmerising Cartoon Graffiti By Phlegm

These are remarkable graffiti pictures by Phlegm, a successful cartoon graffiti artist based in Sheffield in the UK. His fascinating characters often originated from his comic series, transport you into an amazing and atmospheric fantasy world.

He has been known to paint on all sorts of things including cars, trucks, and even aeroplanes, but specialises in transforming plain, unattractive, and disused walls, with the most amazing themes. He has been quoted as saying…

“I love to get run down urban spaces and factories and play with the space. It’s such an immediate way to get your picture on the wall, a painting in the street becomes part of the cities architecture, influenced by what’s around it rather than being some awkward canvas in an art gallery."

I couldn’t agree more, rather than create obscure paintings that hide away in an art gallery, drowned by hundreds of other canvas works, he is creating landmarks… Pictures that cannot fail to grab your attention, and inspire your imagination.

When he says that it’s an immediate way to get your picture on the wall he was not joking. I am astounded at the speed he is able to execute these very unique graffiti pictures. This is not merely graffiti images of the sort you would expect from your local graffiti artist with fancy words, or basic cartoon graffiti, rather he creates depth and feeling, and creates an experience for passers by.

Phlegm’s unique cartoon graffiti art is not limited to the UK, he has produced landmarks such as these in cities all over the world. I particularly love his black and white style, on a somewhat colourful background, that without the input of such creative genius would be nothing more than an eyesore.
Watch Phlegm at work with this high speed film. You will see in minutes what took him over a hundred hours to create. Allow yourself to be transported into this atmospheric fantasy world, and see what Phlegm can do with some scaffolding, and spray paint. The soundtrack is just incredible…

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