Mobile Phone Use While Driving? Try Taking Pictures while Flying!

mobile phone use while driving? try taking pictures while flying!

If you thought mobile phone use while driving was dangerous, just take a look at these pictures taken by aerial photographer klaus leidorf.

He takes amazing aerial photography pictures while flying in his aeroplane at the same time! I sure don’t fancy being a passenger when he’s on a job.

I think you’ll agree though, that it doesn’t hinder him from capturing the amazing beauty of our world, normally only reserved for the sparrows and eagles.

Aerial photography is less detailed than closer to home shots, and has a much different perspective to what we are used to. You may even find some of these pictures a little disorienting. You might feel a little queasy, yet exhilarated, as you imagine what it might feel like to glide through the air and look down at the earth.

Klaus is based in Germany, and has a stunning and wide portfolio of aerial pictures, each one in it’s own right a true masterpiece.

If you’re thinking of trying this yourself, the advice is - "Keep your eyes open and think out-of-the-box," he says. "Important are upmarket lenses with an image stabilizer and a steady hand."

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