Pictures of Tallinn - Amazing walkway Suspended in a Forrest

pictures of tallinn 1

These amazing pictures of Tallinn demonstrate the ingenuity of Japanese architect Tetsuo Kondo. This suspended pathway is highlighted at the 2011 European Capital of Culture, and it is situated in Kadriog Park in Tallinn, where visitors got a few months to experience what it feels like to get a birds eye view of the forest.

This is unlike any pathway you have ever seen before. It’s foundation is totally dependant on the three hundred year old trees it is suspended from. While others are ruining our forests this spiralling flyover footpath serves as a complement to it’s surroundings, and a pleasure for it’s visitors.

The creator says… “We no longer are looking up at the woods from the ground but we get closer to the leaves and sliver through the branches. It is a piece of architecture which exists for the woods as the forest exists for the architecture.”

This is a wonderful way to create freedom of movement without having to alter the environment. It shows how humans and mother nature have the ability to work in harmony with each other.

pictures of tallin 2

pictures of tallin 3

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