Pictures Of Abstract Art - Atlas Rainbow Made With Toy Cars

pictures of abstract art 1

When you first glance at these pictures of abstract art, you might get the impression of a beautiful varnished floor, set in an old building with a warm rug thrown down.

But if you were to slide along those floorboards, and delve into that rug, you would find yourself crashing into nearly 3000 carefully arranged toy cars!

This meticulous abstraction from reality was created by London based artist David T Waller. As you can see there is a wide variety of colours in this collection of cars, as many colours as there are in the rainbow in fact. Indeed this award winning installation is entitled Toy Atlas Rainbow.

If you look closely you will see that some of these Hot Wheels car are in better condition than others, you will also notice that not only are there a variety of colours, but there are differing shades in each colour group.

Waller has arranged the cars perfectly so as to give the impression of highlights and shades, just as you would see in a conventional oil painting. He has made a simple collection of toy cars into a remarkable work of art.

pictures of abstract art 3

pictures of abstract art 4

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