3d Optical illusions Pictures: A 3d illusion That Sucks You Into Space

Kaia Nao is somewhat of a 3d optical illusions expert. This picture is not moving at all, but it tricks your eyes into believing that you are moving forward, and being sucked into the centre.

You feel like you are moving forward uncontrollably. The illusion makes it appear as if the walls on this passageway are moving. It feels like you are being drawn by some heavenly force, through this grand departure lounge into the universe. A force similar to gravity, yet you appear to be getting pulled horizontally.

Amazingly you notice, that you are on another planet, or perhaps some type of spacecraft, because you see a picture of what looks like the planet earth. Is the telephone on the right hand side part of the illusion, or is it there so that you can phone for help?

via: mighty optical illusions

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