Paintings of Women - Hyper Realistic Nude Paintings of Women

Beautiful Nude Paintings of Women

These are truly inspirational paintings of women by Mexican artist Omar Ortiz. Let’s face it, in today’s world the retail fashion industry just would not survive without women.

In times past, a woman could spend a lot of money on a designer dress and it would stay in fashion for at least 6 months. Nowadays the latest fashion sensation can be out of date in a matter of weeks!

The competition to stand out as the prettiest, the most beautiful, the most glamorous is unrelenting. Women today continue to spend obscene amounts of money on the latest designer shoes, bags, dresses, clothes they might only wear once or twice and never use again.

And it’s not just the traditional shoes and bags that women have always loved, now it’s got to be the latest designer make up, perfume, hair stylist, cell phone, the list goes on and on.

I love how these paintings bring things back to basics, and portray a hyper realistic sense of things. They really show off the true beauty of a woman’s form in the most simplistic way imaginable.

In a recent Omar Ortiz Interview with Sunrise Artists, he is quoted as saying “Since I started painting I have always liked to represent things as real as I can” he goes on to say “I enjoy the challenges of trying to reproduce natural light and the nuances that gives us, particularly in bright environments. I like to keep the simplicity of the pieces because I think excess makes us poorer rather than richer.”

Ortiz uses perfect minimalism to highlight the true natural beauty of a woman in his paintings. He provides undisputable proof using a simple canvas and some oil paint that women who spend in excess are just chasing after the wind, making themselves poorer with clutter they don’t need.

Most of his paintings have a very light and simple background, and highlight the real beauty of a woman clothed in what is more often than not, merely one simple piece of fabric.


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